Bridge of the Day – Stari Most, Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Here is a famous bridge for you, Stari Most which means ‘Old Bridge’ (not very imaginative, I know), from the town of Mostar. Mostar is named after the word ‘Mostari’ which means ‘bridge keeper’. So how about that. And this below is the reconstructed Old Bridge of Mostar, from which it could be argued came the town’s name. This is the newest form of the bridge. It was opened mid-2004 after I think floods took the previous one and war the one before that. I was there in 2004 shortly before it was unveiled to a no doubt eager public, hence it’s covered and pedestrians were not allowed to cross. It’s only 4 metres wide and 29 metres long, it stands 24 metres high over the Neretva River. The original bridge was constructed between 1557 and 1565. It replaced a wooden suspension bridge, at least that’s what the interweb tells me!

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4 thoughts on “Bridge of the Day – Stari Most, Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

  1. Wow, I have not seen the Stari Most covered like that! I visited Mostar in 2018, so I got to see the bridge fully completed and standing for quite some time already. One of my favorite cities I’ve visited in the Balkans. ❤

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