Port Arthur – Through My Lens

Howdy all! Hope you are well! Port Arthur is one of the most famous sites in Tasmania, if not the most famous. It sits in a little cove, on a peninsula you reach via a thin piece of land called Eaglehawk Neck. In the mid-1800s there was a penal colony on this spot. It was initially a small town settled in the 1830s and became a convict settlement around 20 years later. That only lasted for 20-30 years when the last convict was removed. In 1897 there was a big fire and many buildings including hospital and the main penitentiary building were burnt out leaving just a shell (the outer building) standing.

Today it’s one of Tasmania’s top two visited tourist sites (along with MONA). In 1996 there was a tragedy at Port Arthur – a man with automatic guns killed 35 people there in Australia’s worst mass murder. It resulted in a huge change in Australia’s gun laws with a buy back scheme and the availability of such guns made much more difficult. To date Australia has not seen a repeat of something like this.

Today though, it’s my photos which I want to share with you of the spot. I also took a brief and rather forgettable cruise in the small harbour area which comes included in your ticket, which is $40AUD. Enjoy!

Garden of Remembrance for Victims of 1996

Thanks for popping by today! Take care and May the Journey Never End!


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