Daði Freyr – Iceland’s Amazing Eurovision Entry!

Howdy all and it’s time to get back to a little Eurovision today. This year my absolute favourite entry was from Daði & Gagnamagnið, a group which specialise in ‘nerd pop’ if you like – six performers, led by Daði Freyr, who asked to form this group a few years back now (I think 2018) to take part in the Icelandic show that is broadcast to choose the song to enter Euroviosion for Iceland. Daði Freyr has a huge love for Eurovision, and got together a group of his friends including his wife, got matching windcheaters for them and they came second in that contest.

Early 2020 and they were back again with this amazing song Daði Freyr wrote for his baby daughter ‘Think About Things’. The music is full of synth and he really knows how to work electronic music. There’s also a great use of beats and back beats, and his music always seems to use so many syllables in very unique ways.

‘Think About Things’ won through, and they were all set to represent Iceland in 2020 when the pandemic hit and then Eurovision 2020 was cancelled. BUT they got the chance again this year, and presented the song ’10 Years’, a song for his wife (again who is in the group, and also was pregnant at the time of Eurovision 2021. Sadly, just before the semi-finals a band member tested positive to Covid, and as a result they elected not to perform on stage – they would have been permitted too without the member, but they felt as a group they didn’t want to do it without everybody. This was, however, after the filmed rehearsal, and so they were able to present that video (and you wouldn’t know watching the broadcast).

The song not only made it through to the final, it finished FOURTH! Without a doubt though it was my favourite. I’m now really hoping that they get another chance so that they can perform live at Eurovision, which has always been Daði’s dream.

There is a great two-part documentary about the group on YouTube (see below) which I found really interesting. Two of the group back up Daði’s vocals, the other three play fake instruments that they built themselves.

Thanks for stopping by today! Take care and May the Journey Never End!


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