Goal Achieved – 1000 subscribers!

Hi all! Just a very quick post to say thankyou ALL for following my blog. Last week I barnstormed through one of my two main 2021 goals – to get 1000 subscribers to this blog! And YAY! I’m here! In fact as I type this I have 1010 subscribers. It’s been a strange old year where my views are down a little on what they were in the second half of last year. But still travel isn’t happening in droves and I am starting to rely more on local content so perhaps that’s to be expected. And the monetization has just dropped off a cliff in the last three or four weeks. I had two big days in April and then the day after that, NOTHING. I’m lucky to do 4 cents a week all of a sudden. Anyone know why that might be? Anyways, monetization is not the most important thing for me. Thank you all so much for subscribing and supporting my blog. It means a LOT to me!

Now the other goal is to reach 300 YouTube subscribers. So far this year they have come in… slowly but considering it’s been around for 10 plus years, faster than before. I started the year at 150 and now am at 187. Not fast enough to get to 300 by year’s end. So please please please – do subscribe!

Thanks all, and May the Journey Never End!


19 thoughts on “Goal Achieved – 1000 subscribers!

  1. Congratulations on 1000 follows! It took me about three years to hit that milestone, and I reckon I’ll be hitting double that in the next few months, perhaps next year…but what’s important is the engagement on Likes, Comments, etc. that really matters, whether you have 100, 1000, or 1 million followers. Enjoy the celebrations, Andy!

  2. Aw yis, always a great milestone to break the four-figure mark. Wishing you all the best with your YouTube channel as well, and here’s to many more thousands to come!

  3. Great milestone Andy, congratulations!!! I went to confirm that I’m already subscribed to your YouTube, haha. Anyway, looking forward to seeing your continued growth and journey. As to the monetization, it fluctuates so much! That’s not my main goal either with my blog but if it makes me a few coins I’d be grateful. I’m finally at US$93 after 2 years, ha. So hopefully I can get my first $100 pay out next month. 🙂 We’ll see. I hope your ad revenue picks up soon again.

    1. monetization defintiely just hit a brick wall with me. Im way behind you I think Im at $13 or so but its just all but stopped last three weeks down to a few cents a week. Have you experienced anything similar? thanks for commenting!

      1. I actually haven’t which is why I’m not so sure what’s causing your brick wall. But I do hope it picks up. My views have picked up this year so that may explain why I’m showing more ads + earning more as well this year (so far)

      2. It was really weird. I had two HUGE days in a row and then NOTHING. They were more than double my previous best days. Now it’s either zero or one cent and thats it. for a month now. Very odd

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