Subscriber Drive!

Hi folks!

I’ve had this YouTube Channel now for a decade and never really got far with it. I’m sitting on 184 subscribers and am targeting 300 by year’s end.

The channel now has regular videos posted at 12am Thursdays Australia Eastern Standard Time each week. There is a selection of videos/vlogs from previous trips dating as far back as 2006. Countries in my videos include – Africa – Cameroon, Mali, Senegal and Ethiopia. Central Asia – well ALL the five ex-Soviet countries. There’s Japan, China and Myanmar too, and various countries in Europe.

On top of that there are heaps of videos from Australia. My latest series ‘Melbourne Revealed’ sees me go to various spots in Melbourne and seeing what my own backyard has to offer. And coming up mid-May my adventures in Tasmania are coming to YouTube!

So please, if you’d like of course, please subscribe! And share if you like too! Help me get to my goal! I have 116 to go right now!

Thanks and May the Journey Never End!


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