Why Cruising is the Ultimate Form of Travel (Guest Post!)

Hi all, today I thought I’d take a back seat and let someone else do the posting! So I asked the amazing Anna Koss of The World of Cruise and Travel to write something for you. I challenged her to explain why cruising is the ULTIMATE form of travel. So, without much ado, it’s over to Anna…

Hi Andy, thanks for inviting me back for another guest post. You asked me if I could put something together along the lines “Why cruising is the ultimate form of travel” and gosh, where should I start?

There are so many excellent reasons why cruising is the best. I can think of so many, but I am going to contain myself to just a handful. Otherwise I could go on forever and this post will be never ending 🙂

I went on my first cruise back in 2012 with my partner. It was a short cruise, I think five days to the Caribbean. My partner always wanted to go on a cruise and brought up the idea of booking one. Back then I was like everyone else thinking why the heck would I want to go on a cruise? I was 23 and was looking for adventures. I thought cruises were for old, retired people, that they were boring etc etc. I had all the preconceptions like everyone else who has not been on a cruise. But one day in and I was sold. I was so upset that the cruise was only five days and could not wait to book my next one.

Cruises are so versatile and often people do not know about this fact. There are so many cruise lines that cater to the needs of different people. You can book a luxury five star all inclusive cruise on a small ship with Silversea, you can go on a big ocean liner such as Royal Caribbean that offers loads of activities, you can book a Disney cruise that targets families, especially those with younger children. 

There are really expensive cruises and really affordable once. There is a cruise line for everyone and often people only see a few clips of big cruise ships on TV and assume the worst and that all cruises are like this. But that is the thing, they assume, they actually have no clue what cruising is really like and they do not make an effort to really do some research.

You have river cruises, ocean cruises and expedition cruises. The cruise industry and their offerings has evolved and changed so much since its early days. And there is a trend, you can find figures on the CLIA website about this, that cruisers are getting younger, which I am of course proof of. That stigma of “cruising is for old people” is not valid anymore. 

Also, cruises don’t just go to the Caribbean anymore, they go to places all over the world and often to very remote destinations. I took an expedition cruise to the Arctic in 2019 and would have never been able to see all those amazing ports, wildlife, glaciers and in general the stunning landscape from land. I would have never been able to reach them from land actually. 

Hence, cruises are great to get to destinations that you would either not get to or that you would normally not even consider to go to as they often dock at ports that you have not heard of, cannot get to yourself, but that are absolutely worth exploring. 

Cruises are really good value for money, too. The cruise fare includes: accommodation, transportation, food and drinks and entertainment. If you would break these components down individually you would pay a lot more per person per day than you pay for the cruise per person per day. Also, some destinations are really expensive to stay at overnight in a hotel, such as Monaco. 

Voyager of the Seas

A hotel room can set you back a few hundred bucks easily. But if you take a Mediterranean cruise that includes Monaco as a port of call, you can just do some sightseeing during the day and get back to the ship to eat and sleep or do whatever you want to. You would save a ton of money by exploring Monaco by cruise.  

For me, I love cruising because I can see many destinations in a short period of time and there is always that great balance between sightseeing and relaxation. I love waking up in the morning at a new port, at a new and exciting destination. I don’t have to waste or lose time driving there or flying in, I do not have to pack and unpack over and over again. I love watching the ocean. I love doing some sightseeing during the day, getting back to the ship and going for a swim in the pool, eating amazing food and finishing the day with an evening show or a walk around the ship on the promenade deck to do it all over again the next day. A cruise ship is a floating resort with the benefit of taking you to places and not being stagnant. That’s really what a cruise is, if you ask me. And therefore it is the ultimate form of travel.

I hope that gives you a glimpse into the world of cruising and of course just reach out to me if you have questions or want to find out more. As I said, these are just a few reasons I touched on, but there are so many more. I always believe we should try out things before we can really judge them or discard them. How can you say something is rubbish if you have not tried it, right? Therefore, give cruising a go!

A HUGE thanks to Anna today. has she convinced you? Please do comment below! Take care, and May the Journey Never End!


15 thoughts on “Why Cruising is the Ultimate Form of Travel (Guest Post!)

  1. Thanks again for letting me put this little article together for you and your readers Andy. Just reading through it again makes me so excited to go back on a ship. Have I convinced you to try a cruise one day? 😉

      1. Hmm Antarctica, yes that is on my bucket list. I will definitely go there one day. My friend has been and I have seen the pictures of the penguins and icebergs and it’s just incredible. Galapagos Islands is also on my list 🙂 So you would opt for expedition cruising, nice 😉

  2. I would be more inclined to consider a cruise where it is difficult to do otherwise, such as Antarctica or the Nile Valley, otherwise a good old road trip gives me the feeling of seeing more of the countries visited.

    1. That is definitely one of the great benefits of certain cruises such as some expedition and river cruises, certainly not ocean cruises.

  3. An insightful post on cruise travel– I’ve had my fair share of going on a dozen or so cruises throughout my life so far, and I agree with Anna that it’s a great way to 1) see many cities/countries in a limited amount of time, and 2) to have accommodation, food, and tours all in one package. However, I would also mention the ethics of the cruise industry, as it’s notorious for exploiting/over-working its employees (often from third-world countries) and being a HUGE drain on fuel and pollution on the seas…and this isn’t to forget that cruises tend to attract entitled and inconsiderate passengers (from my own home country, the USA, unfortunately…). While I’m not opposed to taking cruises in the future, I will be choosier in just what kind of cruises I want to take. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, Anna!

    1. Thank you Rebecca! Yes, that’s true what you’re saying. Hospitality in general is an industry that has lots of hard workers who sadly don’t get paid too much and work long hours. We as consumers need to push for change and a lot of cruise lines are making changes such as eliminating single use plastics, changing fuel consumption to LNG or even shore power etc. FYI Hurtigruten is the firts cruise line who has hybrid ship that actually run on batteries some time, like electric hybrid cars.

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