Addis Ababa – Through My Lens

Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia, and it is not an unattractive city. I thought after last week’s City Rumble I would share some of my photos of the city. It’s an interesting destination, with a high altitude of over 2300 metres. The weather was pleasant when I was there, and the city has an interesting mix of architecture. The roads are very wide, and the main drag is Churchill Avenue which changes into Gambia Street at the end, ending in this big lion statue and bus station at the very end. Most of the taxis and indeed a lot of transport was painted blue and white. Enjoy!

The Derg Monument
Staff at the Ras Hotel
Lion of Judah Statue

Thanks for popping by today – May the Journey Never End!


5 thoughts on “Addis Ababa – Through My Lens

  1. Looks very modern! Although I don’t know much about Ethiopia, I have had its cuisine before and loved it. That said, I’d be interested in visiting the country someday, hopefully soon! Thanks for sharing, Andy. 🙂

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