Giving My New Sony FDR – X3000 A Test Run!

Howdy all!

Well today I wanted to talk about my new little action camera, the Sony FDR X3000. Mr Bald uses this for his vlogging and I find his videos look really sharp especially considering they are all shot on a little action camera. I was also impressed by the quality of his audio, although it does get wind affected at times. I’ve been shooting with my Panasonic cam-corder as I’ve done my ‘Melbourne Revealed’ from late last year – a new episode will be up next week by the way – but this is still camcorder size.

So I determined that getting the Sony was the thing to do. It has front-facing microphones which makes them more directional, and on top of that it’s almost the only action camera that has a microphone socket on it allowing me to plug in a microphone if I so choose. So I went and bought the relatively cheap Power DeWise lapel mic. I’ve travelled with the Rode mic that I have, but it’s big and this new one barely takes up any space at all which means it’s perfect for travelling.

The interface is not great with the camera, it’s complicated to get the settings you want. But otherwise I was pretty happy with the results. Here below is my little test run for you to view and make up your own mind. I had turned off the ‘vivid’ colour mode for this and I think I will put it back on as I think it gave a better, less washed out result with it on. The camera connects to my mobile via wifi which is great using a program called ‘Imaging Edge Mobile’. Initially I tried to find a different program that the instruction booklet said to use, however that appears to be discontinued.


Thanks for popping by – May the Journey Never End!


5 thoughts on “Giving My New Sony FDR – X3000 A Test Run!

  1. Yes, I would agree with the comments you inserted at the end. The colour is not as vivid as with your old camera, you also seem to be a little further away if that makes sense, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I think the video quality is a bit better with the new camera. It’s really amazing what technology can fit into that tiny thing.

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