The Khyber Pass – Through My Lens!

Howdy all. Today I wanted to share with you photos from my adventurous day trip from 2004 down the Khyber Pass. For more on the experience, check out my post – ‘When I Carried Up the Khyber’. You’ll see my dodgy guide Sohail in a couple of photos – overcharged me in a big way. I met someone who had used him later in the year and paid half of what I did. And it still stings!

The Khyber Pass is in Pakistan (mostly) and is a way through the mountains from Peshawar to the Afghan border and beyond. Anyways – Enjoy!

Sohail in Peshawar the night before – Senor Dodgy!
With guard and guide in the Khyber

Thanks for popping by today! May the Journey Never End!


7 thoughts on “The Khyber Pass – Through My Lens!

  1. I’ve recently been watching travel videos on Pakistan, and it truly is a country that’s off-the-beaten path for many travelers, including myself. It looks like an incredible place with those sweeping landscapes you captured in your photos…I’d be keen on checking out the country someday, and hopefully soon! Thanks for sharing your intrepid adventures, Andy!

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