Travel Challenge – Day One

Howdy all. Yes, guess who’s late to the table with the ‘Travel Challenge’ – me! It’s the one where I post a photo a day without any explanation and you get to imagine/guess where and what I have photographed in the comments. I was invited by a couple of bloggers at least a month probably more ago to partake in this challenge, and well, I declined because I program in my posts well in advance for the most part and I’m not usually someone who partakes in blogger challenges. In fact I don’t think I ever have.

I can’t remember who nominated me other than Christie from 1000 Places and Memories, and so a shout out to her for the nomination which I am belatedly taking up. Also a shout out to John from Salsa World Traveler, because he changed my mind about doing the challenge. The idea is everyone guesses. Some bloggers give the answer straight away, but John held back his answers until all 10 photos were up. And that was really cool and he got a lot of engagement doing it that way, so that’s what I’ve decided to do!

Now, I’m not nominating anyone but it does seem like a lot of fun. Also, although it’s supposed to be over ten days, I’m going to do it over ten weeks. One photo each Friday at 12pm Australian East Coast Time. So it’s going to last me a while! Here is the first photo!

Thanks for popping by – guess away – May the Journey Never End!


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