From Around the Web – Pilotless planes and the Village Celebrating 8 years of Electricity!

Hi there all. I wasn’t going to write this post but I was just reading a couple of blogs and came across two really interesting and starkly different posts from the world of travel and destinations.

Firstly, from Salsa World Travel, this post below talking about planes flown without pilots. He makes the point that 80% of airline accidents are actually pilot error, so I guess that would eliminate that. But perhaps create ‘computer’ error?

Passenger Jets without Pilots Could be the Next Big Thing!

Second Sonam is a blogger from Bhutan. I haven’t seen many bloggers out there from Bhutan, so it was great to find his blog. His village is celebrating 8 years since it was connected to electricity, which I had to remark as something that from Melbourne, Australia, seems hard to imagine. Here’s his post for you!

Tenth of August 2012


Thanks for popping by and hope you enjoy these two posts! Check out their other stuff too there are so many great travel bloggers out there! May the Journey Never End!



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