A Tour of Mandalay – Through My Lens

Mandalay – a town of some historic fame thanks to the poem ‘The Road to Mandalay’ by Mr Rudyard Kipling. In fact, although he did visit Burma in the last 19th Century, he never actually went to Mandalay. As a destination, Mandalay is worthwhile, especially if you like your temples when you travel.

Strange tower at Mandalay Palace

Mandalay is at the centre of a rural area, and gateway to hill country as well. It’s one of the drier places you can visit, and yet has a citadel in the middle with a very impressive, wide moat. This area is mostly off limits to visitors as it is actually a military sector, however the Mandalay Palace is in the middle of it and you can visit that. It’s more of a complex with many buildings, mostly wooden, and a couple of large towers. You’ll see this strange circular tower, visitors can climb it for views across the palace.

The amazing teak Shwenandaw Monastary

There are some other temples as well, some painted white, some painted gold, but the most impressive is the Shwenandaw Monastery made from teak. It looks aged for sure, but has also held up really well over time, it was opened in 1880.

Sanda Muni Pagoda from Mandalay Hill

Mandalay Hill stands over the town, and there is a covered walkway connecting all the temples on the hill until you get to the one at the top. As you walk up you meet friendly monks and past vendors selling many different items such as things for prayer to souvenir t-shirts. And once you get the top, well, you are treated to a fair ol’ view.

Mandalay draws people from rural areas

Meanwhile below, parts of the rural area mingle with what is, technically at least, a city.

Wooden relief at the Shwenadaw Monastary
Tower Mandalay Palace
This cow seems a bit sad
Steps on the covered walkway up Mandalay Hill
Slightly dodgy boards in a temple on Mandalay Hill
Public building in Mandalay
Ornate door in Mandalay Palace
Monks or professional photographers on top of Mandalay Hill
Monks hard at work
Mandalay Palace Tower
Mandalay Palace walls
Mandalay Palace

Moat around Mandalay Citadel

Mandalay Hill from the very foot of it
Gate to State University
Entering the citadel
Display at Mandalay Palace
Covered walkway up Mandalay Hill
Bird anyone?
Basically cosplay Mandalay style
Happy to pose

Has Kipling ever made it to Mandalay, would he have liked what he saw? Well, I did! May the Journey Never End!


10 thoughts on “A Tour of Mandalay – Through My Lens

  1. Thanks for sharing Andy. Mandalay is a familiar word to me but I had to Google to check where it is! Another place I’m now curious to see, and have discovered through your blogs. Keep them coming please!

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