Prosperous Porto – New Vlog from Portugal’s Second City!

Porto, in Portugal’s north is a special city. The Luis I Bridge is the major landmark, but it’s also famous for being the home of port wine, has an old bookshop that KJ Rowling used to frequent, a number of beautiful cathedral’s and so much more. So, come check out the vlog I’ve been working on for the last three weeks and let Porto weave its magic on YOU!


Thanks for stopping by! Comments are always appreciated – May the Journey Never End!


10 thoughts on “Prosperous Porto – New Vlog from Portugal’s Second City!

  1. Haven’t heard of Porto until this, Andy. It looks beautiful! The exterior of the palace reminds me of the city hall in Montreal. The library does give me the Harry Potter vibe – do they sell books in English?
    Now I’ve added Porto in the list of to go to places. When can we ever start travelling like we did again?

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