Irkutsk – Through My Lens

Hi all. I thought today I’d show you some photos from a different region to ones I’ve been concentrating on recently, and take you Siberia. Irkutsk was the first town I stopped in Russia in 2017 as I took the Trans-Mongolian train from Beijing to Moscow. Irkutsk is a rather cute city in its way I guess, I went probably four to six weeks before the Summer season started, it was still very cold (at least for me!) not hitting double figures. But I did enjoy this charming spot immensely. Would love to return when the weather is warmer!

Eternal Flame Memorial
Karl Marx Ave in Irkutsk.
A river view in Irkutsk.
The Angara Ice Breaker, museum in a boat moored in Irkutsk..
Moscow Gate, Irkutsk
Another Old Russian Wooden House in Irkutsk – there were so many
I believe these signs were memorials to children who had passed away
Irkutsk Monastery
Monastery in Irkutsk
Orthodox Church in Irkutsk
Public Building in Central Irkutsk
Russian Wooden House in Irkutsk
Snow starts to fall in Irkutsk
Spasskaya Church
Statues in Irkutsk

Thanks for popping by today – May the Journey Never End!


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