From Around the Web – Urban Duniya in Pakistan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia!

Do you know what has happened recently in YouTube travel videos? Not much, that’s what. Even a month ago I could have a bit of a search and find something that was newish and I thought was worth sharing, but it’s getting harder because, I guess, people aren’t travelling. However, I thought I would go to the channel of friend of the blog, Tim Blight, of Urban Duniya fame because he has a wide selection of interesting videos, mostly on travel through Pakistan and a little in the Middle East, and share a few of them with you.

Safety in Pakistan is a concern for anyone thinking of traveling there, there’s no way around it. In this video Tim takes the time to talk through those concerns and present what security is like for those visiting.

Now, one place I certainly haven’t been to is Iraq. But Tim has, in fact he has a whole really interesting series of videos from his time in Iraq. Far too many to list here, but here is one in which he gives a little insight into Iraq and asks the question – ‘Can I Visit Iraq’? A great starting point for anyone considering going to this somewhat troubled country in the Middle East!

Speaking of countries I have never been to, he’s also been to Saudi Arabia. The most accessible city in Saudi Arabia for the foreigner is reputed to be Jeddah. Here is a little look at it!

None of these videos are particularly long, but they really do open up these little-visited places (by Western tourists at least) in great videos.

@urbanduniya is Tim’s twitter and Instagram handle, so do check out what he posts there as well and if his videos interest you, you could subscribe to his Youtube Channel. Thanks for joining me today – May the Journey Never End!


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