Five Billion Dinars from Serbia

A little break from Covid Cam, this Saturday I thought I’d show you this amazing bank note produced in Yugoslavia/Serbia somewhere around the breakup of Yugoslavia. This shows exactly what happens when currency devalues at an uncontrollable rate. What you see below is both sides to the five hundred BILLION Dinar note. I had a friend in Belgrade who got me one – I was told they were easy to come by (in 2004) but this is the only one I saw. And it’s actual value? Well I don’t know other than it wasn’t much. Like less than a USD I think. They printed these out faster that you can say Jack Robinson. And the more they printed, the more the value fell. When I was in Belgrade Euro or USD was much more valued than the local dinar and there were exchange booths everywhere. People were still at the time living in fear of what might happen to their currency – if it fell in value, well, it was better to have Euro basically. This is not the only place for this to happen. Many places like the Ukraine have had to forcibly devalue their own currency, and pensions became worthless. If you are reading this from a place that has a somewhat stable currency, perhaps you never realised that that in itself is a lucky thing!

Thanks for dropping by today – May the Journey Never End!


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