From Around the Web – Impacts on the Travel Industry

Howdy all on this ‘hump day’ which may not mean much to many out there. I intend to write a thoughtful piece on the impacts of the Corona Virus on travel and the travel industry, because it’s effects have already been profound and it is safe to say the industry will never quite be the same.

Today I start with a video from Sam Chui, one of the world’s biggest travel and airline vlogger, showing how the air industry has been devastated by the decisions governments have had to made due to the spread of Covid-19.


Secondly, I found this article earlier this week which talks about how other world events have shaped and hit the aviation industry, trying to put the current one into perspective. Written by Greg Dickinson.

Previous Crisis in Tourism – Coronvirus is the Fourth Major Catastrophe in Travel

The Airline Industry is a huge worldwide industry that is really feeling the pinch right now – as are so many people for different reasons around the world. People have been stood down left, right and centre, some don’t know if they will still have a job when this is all over, some already know that they don’t. Tough times all round.


Take care – and May the Journey Never End!

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