Andy – as the Young Traveller in 1986!

So everyone – I have been sorting through boxes and boxes of old photos, some from travels, some not from travels. In 1986 my parents took my brother (8) and myself (11) on a trip with them, and these are some of the photos from that trip. In fact, in a rare move, I am in EVERY ONE of these photos! Eleven year old Andrew. These photos obviously weren’t taken by me, but they were taken via my little ‘Brownie’ camera that I had at the time which produced smaller negatives than the standard 35mm and sat inside a cartridge which you slotted into the back of the camera. As such, they might not be the most perfect of images, but I think they show a little bit about me and who I’ve been, and with all this free time we have on our hands I thought ‘Why Not!’. I am planning a more extensive look at my 1986 in the near future. It’s tricky, because honestly I look at these photos and wonder where I was (and my brother who also features quite heavily) at the time. Some are obvious, some I googled and made the best guess according to the back ground, and others I have no idea! Enjoy!

Eating something with my Mum and brother
In front of the Eiffel Tower my brother and I
In front of a Contact Orange in Paris
Marionettes in Europe
Me in a telephone booth
My brother and I in front of the Eiffel Tower


Thanks for joining me – take care – and May the Journey Never End!

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