Where to Eat in Melbourne – Bombay By Night

Today I’m being a bit of a foodie and reviewing a restaurant where the Indian food is sublime! ‘Bombay by Night’ is the name of my favourite Indian restaurant, and for me the good news is that it is just down the road from where I live. Melbourne is certainly blessed with great restaurants from so many cultures, and although I am not a fan of spicy food, the food here is an exception.

Last Memorable Visit…

Now I should say that in my last visit to this restaurant, with my wife and friend of the blog Tim Blight a couple of months ago nearly now, I had a korma which, for people who know their India food, is basically the compromise curry for people who, like myself, have very little tolerance to hot, spicy food.

Having said that I have had hotter stuff from Bombay By Night, and although I require water and lassis to quench the burning in my mouth, I still enjoyed the food. The location is, unfortunately for international travellers, suburban. It’s on a busy road (North Road) in Ormond. Probably a 10 – 15 minute walk from the nearest station which would be Ormond.

But those with a car, and looking for a succulent Indian meal, you can’t go wrong. The restaurant is very well presented, and it is an upmarket sort of place. They do cram the tables in a bit, but we had no issues, and there is a wine menu and beers (including, naturally, Kingfisher) as well as spirits if it takes your fancy.

Interior Designs…

The tables have white paper over a white tablecloth, the sort that can be removed and replaced to save the table clothes needing an overload of napi-san. Well, Indian curries of all colours and flavours are likely to stain in a fairly serious way! There are blown of photos of India on the wall which are definitely a nice touch.

You get a pretty decent range of curries from your Korma – which I should add is not on the menu but is available if you ask for it – to piping hot vindaloo. It’s not a vegetarian restaurant so you’ll be able to get lamb and chicken and even beef in your curries and starters as well. It is Indian food for the Western pallet, but for me that makes it edible!

What’s for Dinner?

For starters there are a selection of things like samosas, breads, kebabs and pakora, which are fried vegetables in batter. And then you have a range of meat and vegie curries which include vindaloo, romana, rogan josh (another milder curry) and more.

The flavours are really rich, the curries are thick and the taste is brilliant. The lamb is so soft it basically melts. The service is really attentive as well, water is always filled up (tap water) and glasses topped up as well.

No, this is not a paid post! (Actually I have never had a paid post) And you know, Indian isn’t my favourite cuisine (not my least favourite either I should say, and I enjoy the food when in India. Before it goes through me!) It’s just a really great place to have Indian food.

And whilst there are plenty of places to find cheaper Indian food in Melbourne – it’s not an especially expensive place my any means either. Around $20-$24AUD for most mains. Usually less than $10AUD for any starters, rice and a fair range of breads for even less. So if you like Indian food, especially I think if you’re like me and you like it milder than the normal, Bombay by Night could be the place for you.

Thanks for reading – do you have a favourite restaurant not too far away from where you live?? Let me know in the comments! May the Journey Never End!

  1. Oh and their website – Bombay By Night

4 thoughts on “Where to Eat in Melbourne – Bombay By Night

  1. Yummy! Now I want to try some Indian cooking. It’s funny how some people think that such posts must be paid for, one of my friends asked recently and I told him nah! For now, if I like it I share it, if I hate it I also share it. Honest opinions matter. Glad you had fun Andy!

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