Some of my Favourite Rail Journeys

Travelling by rail is one of my favourite ways to explore and today I am presenting some of my favourite rail journeys.

Howdy all, today I’m looking back at some of my favourite ‘Train Journey’ posts. I haven’t posted a train journeys for quite a while, but there will be a couple in a little while coming up. But for now, here are some exceptional train experiences I’ve had and if you are a fan of travel on the rails, you might find them interesting too!

Before I list some great train journeys, here is my post on ‘Why Trains are the Ultimate Form of Transport’.


  1. On the Shinkansen (Japan)

Okay, so this is not a specific journey, but ANY journey on the Shinkansen is brilliant. It’s comfortable, almost always on time, and soooo fast. I think some go over 300 km/h these days. So, how can you go wrong on what is possibly the best train in the world?

2. Riding the Train in Sri Lanka’s Hill Country

Sri Lanka’s railways are a lot of fun to ride – if lacking a little in comfort, and getting up into Sri Lanka’s Hill Country is a pleasantly cool and beautiful experience. You can be sure that pretty much any train journey on the sub-continent will be an adventure, and so is this, if you don’t mind sharing it with a lot of others. Book ahead to secure first class/tourist seats as 2nd and 3rd class often leaves you without a seat.

3. Beijing to Ulaan Baatar on the Trans-Mongolian Express

I had to include one of the legs on this amazing rail adventure, and I think this was the most amazing. And that’s because of the changing of the bogeys at the China/Mongolian border. What am I talking about – well read the post! 🙂

4. Cusco to Machu Picchu (Peru)

This special train ride in the mountains in Peru is not actually to Machu Picchu but the town where visitors stay to access the incredible ruins of Machu Picchu, Aguas Calientes. It’s an expensive ride, but a very special one with great views in a special place.

5. Pywin Oo Lwin to Nawpeng (Myanmar)

Going over the viaduct.

Here’s one you might not know about. All the train rides in Myanmar were a great adventure, and probably the less comfortable than train rides in Sri Lanka. And this one is also in the hills, and takes you across the incredible Gokteik Viaduct, one of the oldest metal rail bridges in the world and I think from memory some 30 metres high. It’s a great journey!

And there we go. I’ve tried to give a list of journeys I haven’t repetitively brought up (probably with the exception of the Trans-Mongolian) and any train journey in India or the Ghan here in Australia could definitely be on that list. What are YOUR favourite train journeys? Please do comment below – and May the Journey Never End!

6 thoughts on “Some of my Favourite Rail Journeys

  1. lots of wild rides:) I love train travel. my longest train trip was from Croatia to Turkey:) it was 30 or 36h on the train:) but not in the sleeping car, just ordinary

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