Spots in Melbourne – State Library

The State Library is a significant landmark in the city that is Melbourne. Right now it’s undergoing renovations, and looks a bit rubbish as you can see, but it’s certainly a useful place to note if you’re visiting.

Why? Well not so much because it has all the Harry Potter books, and actually I don’t know that it does, I’m just guessing, but because it is probably Melbourne’s premier location for meeting up! It stands on the corner of La Trobe and Swanston streets, opposite the shopping mall that is Melbourne Central, which has its own train station below. So it’s a great location.

It also has a nice lawn out the front where people will often go on a sunny day to relax and soak in some sun, hang with friends and have their lunch. It’s a hive of activity, as opposite on La Trobe street is one Melbourne’s bigger universities in RMIT (also where I studied). So students from there often hang out in front. It has also become a common meeting place at the start of protests. I was there in October and the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ were starting their marches from there.

The building itself is open to the public and is worth popping in to see as it’s very grand. It’s one of the oldest buildings in Melbourne, the first building was opened in 1856. The main hall has a high dome and lots and lots of space for those reading and doing research.

So, if you need to meet someone in Melbourne and can’t think of a place, why not join many others and agree to meet out the front of the State Library? You could do much worse! Thanks for popping by today – and May the Journey Never End!

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