Lakes, Mountains and Penjakent – You Got to Know Your Limitations!

So another post on the fly as I’m sure someone much occasionally say. I arrived in Penjakent, Tajikistan yesterday and it’s been quite the couple of days!

I have had a guide whilst here and we started at the Museum. As in Iran poets are revered here which is not so surprising as the countries have a shared connection.

Rudaki lived in the 9th and 10th century AD and is Tajikistan”s number one man of verse and so this museum is dedicated to him. Also ancient Penjakent is a site a few kilometres from today’s town and I visited that site too and saw artefacts in the Museum.

Then into the mountains where I stayed last night and today trekked 23 kilometres to see the beautiful seven lakes. I stayed overnight at the fourth lake and hiked to the seventh at 2400 metres.

Let me tell you I am wrecked! I haven’t been well but a very slow four hour ascent in temperatures that barely reached zero followed by the descent really was beyond me. I mean somehow I survived to do this blog in the car with slightly frostbitten fingers but I am beyond hacked. Thanks anyway for stopping by tomorrow I should be moving on to Samarkand and Uzbekistan. May the Journey Never End!

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