How I Will Blog from Overseas…

Okay, so I am writing this post a week early, but all things being equal, this should be appearing the day I fly out on my latest seven-week adventure. So, I wanted to do a quick post about what to expect from the ol’ blog-aroony over the next seven weeks.

In the past, I have pushed myself to get blog posts out covering what I am seeing and doing. I would say the last few trips I have managed, on average a post every 2-3 days. With usually a minimum of six photos, some of them quite long.

Frankly, this is rather tiring and time consuming and detracts from the actual experiences I have because I am often worried about how I’m going to get the blog out etc. So I’ve been thinking about this with another trip so close now, and I’ve decided to attempt a slightly different approach.

Firstly, I am planning a small spatter of posts in advance. 1 to 2 a week I think. I thought I could keep ‘Foto Friday’ going without much work, I’m away seven Fridays so I should select 7 photos with a brief comment on them.

Then I want to feature some shorter posts, probably on a Tuesday. I’ve generally kept Tuesdays of late for posts on Australia and New Zealand, and I certainly have a few things I wanted to pop on the blog in regards to Melbourne. Brief posts with a little information, recommendations for example. I have three in mind off the top of my head, and they should be relatively easy to do. And maybe a couple of other things. We will see how that goes.

And that leaves the actual posts I will do from wherever I am at the time. So I realise for the first few weeks my internet access may be severely limited. I am not expecting speeds to be great in Tajikistan, and in Turkmenistan I may well not be able to post once from there as internet is restricted.

In terms of what I want to write, and bear in mind that I am not 100% sure this is what will happen, but I am thinking that I’d like to present anecdotes and so forth. A funny thing or a frustrating thing that happened one day. A brief update of where I am, but not going into rich detail as this is something I can do once I get back home with easier ability to edit and access photos. I should be able to do this 2-3 times a week, internet access willing.

Then there will hopefully be some vlogs. All though I’m not 100% sold on these vlog thingys, I think I will give them a go. I will be taking all the footage I can whilst travelling but compiling everything once I get back home as my little laptop is not blessed with speed or indeed any storage capacity whatsoever! It is small and useful though, but it has a hard drive of 32 gig which I basically 95% full all the time!

So anyways, today is the day! Hopefully. Touch wood!

I’m off to Singapore, one night, then a night in KL and a night in Almaty before hitting Tajikistan. From there I cross to Uzbekistan to Turkmenistan, all going well. Then to the Middle East, to Belarus and then Spain and Portugal in December. It promises to be an adventure! And I really hope that you will come along for the ride with me!

Thanks as always for reading, and May the Journey Never End!

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