Travel Gear – New Akaso Action Camera

Howdy all. Well, as my trip draws closer I am starting to prepare for the packing by buying things I will need. I think that an action camera is a must these days, if only for the simple reason you can keep it in your pocket and pull it out whenever you need it. Although I wont be snorkelling this time around, I will in the future and I wouldn’t do that without an action camera, so it was time to review my Kaiser Baas camera and see how it was stacking up.

And in short, it was clearly time for a new action camera after my trip in April. Usually with cameras I decide that although the previous one has served me well, I can’t deny that it’s time for an upgrade. Not so this time! This time I knew a long time ago that the Kaiser Baas X100 just wasn’t cutting it, and in fact I don’t think it ever has. Issues –

  • First time I went to use it properly, when snorkelling in Galapagos, it didn’t work. It said it couldn’t write suddenly to the SD card. And as such I have no underwater footage from that snorkel which has been, thus far, the most amazing snorkel I have ever done.
  • Buttons are a little clunky with the protective underwater case on, and the metal pin in the joints has rusted.
  • Water leaked into through the case (done up correctly) in April. As a result water actually got into the camera and it stopped working. In defence of Kaiser Baas, it did start working again after leaving it in the sun for a while to dry out and I was able to use it for what I wanted. However, it just as easily could have been the end for this camera then and there.

Still, I’ve got some good use out of it. By the way, the model number is Kaiser Baas X100. But I did not replace it with another Kaiser Baas. That was bought in 2016 and there weren’t as many options for cheaper Action Cameras then. I spent time looking this time and watching comparison videos to make a choice.

The Akaso V50 Pro on the left and the Kaiser Baas X100.

I initially looked at GoPros. The Hero 7 Black is the latest in the line, and the best of those and probably, judging by lots of opinions online, the best action camera out there at the present. But I was not prepared to pay $600 for it. End of story. GoPro also release the Hero 7 Silver – which was meant to be a mid-range option, selling for around $400 or just under, or the White which was another $100 cheaper. JB HiFi were selling Go Pro Hero 7 Silver’s for $289 on special at the time I was looking, and I very nearly bought it as a spur of the moment thing.

However, I kept myself in check and came home and checked out reviews. It was still a lot of money, and whilst there were a number of good reviews, there were some really bad ones too, and people didn’t seem to be a fan of the battery in particular.

Inside Waterproof case

So I looked at other options, and the Akaso V50 Pro seemed to be pretty popular. The Go Pro is a completely waterproof camera (these days) and doesn’t require a case, as the Akaso does and most brands do. But the Akaso picture quality stacks up well against the Hero 7 Black (although not better) and much better than my Kaiser Baas. It does 4K as well, and whilst I’m not sure I’d need it, I think I will shoot in it anyway if my editing program can hack it!

The price tag of $160AUD though was, in the end, the main selling point. As good as Go Pros are – the price tag is a lot to swallow for me. As it won’t be my primary camera anyways I couldn’t justify spending anymore than I did on it. And I think I’m going to like the Akaso.

This video here places it as better than the Hero 7 White and Silver. And was really helpful in helping me choose my camera. And here’s a little test footage I’ve taken to share on the blog. I have also compared it against my old (also cheap) action camera – the Kaiser Baas X100.

So anyways, I’m yet to really test it out at the coalface, but I feel optimistic and happy with the choice I’ve made. Has anyone had experience with Akaso? What do you use? Do you consider an action camera to be useful or necessary when travelling? Please comment below – and May the Journey Never End!

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