Earning Frequent Flyer Points with Fly Buys and Woolworths Rewards

So last week I received in the mail a book of vouchers from Flybuys. Here in Australia we have two main supermarket chains across the country, Coles and Woolworths, and both of them have rewards programs. Whilst I have concentrated in the past on the specific airline points programs they are related too, which is Velocity (Virgin Australia) for Flybuys and Qantas for Woolworths Rewards, today I wanted to do a post about these shopping points programs, and how I try to make the most of them.

Now, the reason I was prompted to write this post is directly related to my little book of vouchers, which at the front tells me that I was in the top 9% in the state for Flybuys points earned in the last six months. I’m not sure if I should be proud of that or what! I mean I don’t shop at Coles every week anyways, because I am a member of both programs and so I shop equally if not more at Woolworths, and generally I grocery shop once a week.

The two programs are at their heart very similar. The conversion to airline points is precisely the same – 2000 program points equals 870 frequent flyer points. I think the points get you further on Qantas, ie shopping at Woolworths, but it’s all by the by really.

Essentially it’s one point per dollar spent for Flybuys and Woolworths rewards. This way, you are not going to accumulate a significant amount of points to transfer in a hurry, unless you have a family of ten to feed weekly. What does earn you a more significant points payload are the promotions which involve bonus points.

Usually they run something like “Spend $100 in store or online each week for four weeks and earn 10,000 bonus points”, a substantiate amount surely. And the thing is, they both do it. They will alter how many the final reward is, or how much you spend, but it’s basically the same promotion.

They you have your promotions on individual items. Both do the thing where they have something they want to move, so they plonk on X amount of bonus points if you buy it in the next week. It can be quite a decent amount too, anywhere from 50 to 700 points I think I’ve seen.

Woolworths rewards do a thing where they look at my shopping habits and offer bonus points, from time to time (maybe 4-6 times a year) specifically on things I have bought at Woolworths. Which usually suits me fine as one shop can net me up to 1500 rewards points that way. Generally, you can only claim the points for one purchase of that item.

Flybuys sends me this coupon-style book every six months I think it is. They will give you 500 bonus points if you spend I think $100 it usually is, or triple points. The first option for me always works out better but it can sometimes be more than I need to spend, so I will buy for a few weeks in advance.

Flybuys seems to have a bigger universe. They have ‘Flybuys Travel’ where you can book and earn points or use points to book a variety of accommodation and other travel related stuff. They both have their own credit cards which they pimp every so often to get you get one with the offer of 20,000 (ish) bonus points. Coles and Woolworths have also branched out into phones and insurance as well and you can earn a bundle of point just by taking on the policy or phone plan. Having mentioned all these, I have not been tempted into a new credit card or to change my insurance over by the lure of points.

On top of these ways to earn your points, both programs are also extended to other stores related to Coles (ie Coles Myer group) and Woolworths. For example, they both have their own liquor stores, often next door. Liquorland is connected to Coles, and BWS to Woolworths. Then there are stores like Big W (Woolworths) and Target (Coles) where you can also earn points. On top of that Caltex/Woolworths petrol stations allow you to earn Woolworths Rewards. Coles Express in conjunction with Shell are connected to Coles. For Coles Express you can choose to earn 8 points a litre for petrol pumped or to receive the 4 cents a litres discount which has been around for a long time now. They have the odd special where you can earn up to 16 points per litre – you will need a receipt from Coles shopping to get the full benefit though.

What I do is I use both programs. Whichever one has some bonus points going, I tend to shop at their stores. I try not to spend money I don’t have to though. What’s important to make the most out of the two programs is to regularly check your emails. The offers are sent there and you need to activate them before you can receive the benefits. They both have phone apps too.

It can be a lot of fun, but at the same time it becomes a bit of a headache and then you start to worry you didn’t make the most of the programs. You don’t have to spend your points by transferring to Frequent Flyer Programs of course. 2000 points will get you $10 off your next shop. Which I suppose is nice, but I’ve always been hell bent in building my points’ bank!

Thanks for reading today – and May the Journey Never End!

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