Tasting Surfer’s Paradise – Brazilian Flame Bar & Grill

Before heading to Surfer’s Paradise earlier this year I did a bit of an online look at restaurants and picked two out that I thought I’d like to try. Now, I’ll be honest, although I sure like eating I have never considered myself a ‘foodie’ (and I feel utter disdain for the art of ‘plating’, a word almost as absurd as ‘deboarding’) and I have never really searched for restaurants for anywhere I went. Rather I have preferred to just what there is available when I’m there.

The advantage of choosing a couple of places is that you don’t waste time walking up and down strips of restaurants trying to work out which one you want to eat at. Believe you me, that has happened and it gets frustrating pretty fast.

So when I found Trip Advisor reviews for the ‘Brazilian Flame Bar and Grill’ giving it on average 5 out of 5 stars, and the concept of meat meat and more meat (sorry, no, I’m not vegetarian) I thought this had to be the one. In fact I nearly didn’t end up going to it, as on the night I planned I really felt like bludging in my hotel room and getting room service, but it turned out my brother who had come down on my last day with his family was up for it, so we all went in there.

I should point out the day. It was Good Friday. Probably the last place many would want to go on this day often reserved for eating fish. Not for this heretic though! So it was lunch on Good Friday was very much an all-red meat affair!

So what did the place offer? Firstly, space! Probably because it’s Good Friday though – there were only us and three or so other tables. We were a bit late for lunch I think. Still, Good Friday is a hard sell. $49 all you can eat including dessert, drinks were extra (coke served in a very cool bottle).

The place basically keep grilling/BBQing meat in the kitchen. All sorts of meat – primarily beef, lamb & pork. They do different cuts as well and on the ‘all you can eat’ ticket they bring it out to your table on skewers and the like and they actually slice it off for you there and then and plonk it on to your plate. Phwoar!

This means the staff pretty much have to be friendly and we experienced great service. There were also sausages on offer and salad from the salad bar as well. And the meat just coming and I certainly had all I could eat! But I’ll say this for my brother, he’s in way better shape than I am, but he sure can eat!

The meat was awesome – the lamb especially and the sausages were really nice too (kransky style). Somehow we had enough room also for a little dessert. What else can I say? I was pretty satisfied. The meat was not overcooked – a nice pinkish colour which is how I like it but others may prefer something more well done, I’m sure if you ask they can oblige.

The location was a little hard to find, first floor in a building with another bigger restaurant. And they don’t, I think, do fish. Trip Advisor rates this as the number ONE restaurant in Surfer’s Paradise. But obviously, you need to be a real carnivore!

I’m sure it wasn’t the most amazing meal of my life, to be sure, but still it was a place I left feeling extremely satisfied. Thanks for reading – May the Journey Never End!

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