Warner Brother’s Movie World – in Review

There are four main theme parks on the Gold Coast – Dream World, Sea World, Wet N’ Wild and Warner Brother’s Movie World. Each have their own niche – Sea World is, you know, ocean based, Wet N’ Wild is a water theme park where, you know, you’re on slides and such, Dream World is most rides, and has some serious thrills, and Movie World embraces the Warner Brother’s Universe, with a combination of rides and ‘shows’.

I’ve been to Movie World a couple of times now, and it’s fun. The theme parks are not as big in Australia as say the States or even Singapore or Tokyo. I’m principally talking Disney and Universal Studios here. Obviously that’s a cost thing as there is plenty of space in Queensland. And Queensland has the best weather for these kinds of places too.

The mix at Warner Brother’s Movie World is quite good I think. There are plenty of rides, suitable for various ages, a number of eateries too, as you’d expect pretty pricey, but no more than you’d probably expect, and then along ‘Main Street’ there are frequent parades and shows. WB own DC Comics these days, and so it’s all Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and indeed Green Lantern. And these are some of the characters that feature in the parade. And of course you have Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig and the rest of the famous WB cartoon character.

At $129AUD you get three days (consecutive) entrance into the three parks that are connected to each other – Sea World and Wet N Wild being the other two. I was told at my hotel that you can NOT return to the same park, but at Sea World I was told you can. Which I would presume is the correct information. A single day pass is $89AUD so the three day pass pays off quickly, if you’re wanting to spend more than one day at a theme park.

The Rides

Green Lantern – So this one was closed for maintenance when I was there. I might have been tempted. It does swing you around and upside down, quite a bit in fact which isn’t my favourite.

DC Rivals first hill

DC Rivals Coaster – You’ll see that coasters are most of the thrill rides at Movie World, and this one seems to the current ‘premiere’ ride of the park. It take you up the tallest ‘hill’ of any of the rides for sure, it’s so bloody high from below, and decided against it. Reviewing it on Youtube with POV I’m not sure it’s any more thrilling or stomach churning than Superman and Green Lantern, except for the first climb and subsequent zoom downhill. It does appear to be the longest of the coasters.

Superman – So yes I took this. It is FAST. It’s another coaster, and basically they all seem to be made of the same design but coloured differently. Instead of slowly taking the first climb, on this one it’s ‘whoosh’ straight to the top, although there is a preamble which is supposed to be you going through the metro tunnels whilst there’s an earthquake. There are a few twists and turns, but it’s over disappointingly quickly. But it’s a lot of fun whilst it’s going!

Arkham loop de loop

Arkham Asylum – This is not technically a roller coaster I guess. You dangle rather sit in something… well you do sit, but it’s a hanging seat if you know what I mean. You flip over the top a few times. It has plenty of thrills. You look straight up at your feet which is something else!

Scooby-Doo Scary-Coaster – this one is completely housed indoors, hence it’s trying to be ‘spooky’. A bit like an advanced Ghost Train I guess. The best bit is when you’re in like a big shed, and you go forwards and back and then are quickly shunted around like you’re in a pinball machine. The thing screeches around the corners really fast which is an awful lot of fun.

Lining up for the Justice League Ride

Justice League 3D – The Ride – Smeh. You’re in a little car and you have to shoot lasers at things. Wasn’t for me, no real thrills.

Wild West Falls – Closed whilst I was there, sadly. Was told by regular visitors it’s the best ride at the park.

Doomsday Destroyer

Doomsday Destroyer – I don’t go in for this sort of ride. I like my stomach where it is.

I found this video compilation on Youtube of all the rides, if you’re interested.

There’s a couple of others I didn’t try, and there is the nickelodeon section which is for the younger kids. Foodwise I went into the diner there where it was an all you can eat buffet. I think it was $28AUD which isn’t dirt cheap but all you can eat… so not too bad!

To demonstrate the wait times.

The Hollywood Stunt Rider 2 Show is also a must see. The main issue, though is of course wait times, and they varied but 40 minutes was about the least (Superman) and the longest was Scooby Doo which was well over and hour. If you’re a single rider you might get called up front but only when you’re close. Fast-track tickets obviously circumvent this whole issue.

Movie World is a great day out, but does involve a lot of waiting. Not sure $89 is great value for money but $129 for three parks in three days is. Don’t worry about the money, and you’ll have a great time! Thanks for reading – May the Journey Never End!

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