Eurovision #ThrowbackThursday – Weirdness!

Today I’ve decided to present some of the weirder songs Eurovision has seen over the years. Not all, not by a long shot! Might do another one of weird songs a little further along. Anyways!

Alf Poier from Austria presented this song in 2003, a song about pure nonsense. Mad as it may have been, it finished SIXTH!

After to last week’s Ireland extravaganza it’s only fair to temper that with the 2008 entry – Dustin the Turkey’s ‘Irlande Douze Points’. Didn’t go down as well as Johnny Logan.

Then also in 2008 is this bizarre Spanish entry – ‘Baila el Chiki Chiki’ by Rodolfo Chikilicuatre. No words for this.

2008 was the year which kept on giving with the Latvian entry ‘Leto Svet’. What was going on here? I don’t think anyone knows!

And finally 2006, Iceland sent ‘Silvia Night’ to Eurovision with this song where she congratulates herself on winning (she didn’t). Silvia Night apparently caused a bit of a sensation ragging on the other contestants. The thing is Silvia Night is a character created by an actress. But that’s still not a lot of context to explain this song!

What weird Eurovision songs floated your boat? Please commet – and May the Journey Never End!

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