The Czech Republic – Through My Lens

Today I’ve decided to go back through my photos to 2004 and my journey to the Czech Republic. I only got to three places – Prague, Olomouc and Kutna Hora, famous for it’s crypt/ossuary decorated with human bones including a load of heads. But the photos are still pretty interesting! I hope you enjoy!

Vrtba Garden in Prague
Olomuc Town Centre
Busking on the Charles Street Bridge
Bar on a plane Olomouc
Inside the Ossuary in Kutna Hora
Tourists march through Prague
Vbrta Garden Prague
St Vitus Cathedral Prague
Inside the Ossuary in Kutna Hora
Fountain in Olomouc
St Barbara Cathedral Kutna Hora
River view Prague
Charles Bridge in Prague
Central Prague


Thanks for stopping by – May the Journey Never End!

6 thoughts on “The Czech Republic – Through My Lens

  1. Beautiful photos Andy. We’re in Prague right now.
    And the Charles bridge is even more crowded than in your photo! Every year more and more people…
    Ps. Those are the Wallenstein Gardens, not the Vrtba Gardens. Only know because we visited both last week. Beautiful!

    1. Oh thanks I must correct that. That makes sense now actually. I lost my diary and so have no reference and so I googled gardens in Prague and photos that looked the same were listed as Vrtba Gardens. thanks again

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