Rob Lloyd on his tour to the UK and… Innes Versus Lloyd

Today I’m once again chatting to Rob Lloyd, friend of the blog who recently returned from touring the UK touring his show ‘Who, Me’ to various spots around England and its neighbours. Last night I got to see Rob’s latest show, a totally improvised show with his good friend David Innes. It was an absolute riot! And there was loads of audience participation which is always great. It’s on for the remainder of the week and if you’re in Melbourne and looking for a good laugh at a great venue, you can’t do better than checking out ‘Inness Versus Lloyd’!


1/ Hi Rob – how was your trip? Where did you go? What did you see outside your performance engagements?

-Trip was amazing! Crowds were wonderful. Shows were fantastic. Got to see so much of the UK. We travelled to: London, Exeter, Bordon, Sothport, North Wales, Peterborough, Chipping Norton, Norwich, Manchester (well Salford), Inverness and Edinburgh.

Highlights outside of performing was exploring Dartmoor, seeing Stonehenge, travelling around North Wales, visiting Portmeirrion and pretty much everywhere around Edinburgh.

2/ What was the favourite spot you visited?

-Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities in the world. It was incredible taking Caitlin around. We also adored North Wales particularly Snodonia, such a beautiful part of the world.

3/ What was the best venue/place you performed?

Chipping Norton was a particular favourite. It’s a quiet little town and it’s theatre was just incredible…it was like an old-school, music hall space. It was simply divine and had so much history and character. Plus it’s grand re-opening was done by the Fourth Doctor himself (Tom Baker) back in the 70s.

4/ What was the best thing you saw/did?

The West End was a standout! It was my first time and Caitlin and I saw two shows in the one day. We saw the Mouse Trap and Young Frankenstein. So much fun.

5/ You’ve got a new show on right NOW with David Innes. What’s the concept behind the show?

It’s a completely improvised show. Innes and I challenge each other to games and improvised scenes. At the end of the show the audience decide who is the better performer. It’s the ultimate competition.

6/ What can people expect if they come and see it?

Two friends testing each others imagination and impro skills. You can also expect lots of laughs and silly fun.

7/ How long have you been doing improvisation theatre and what drew you to it?

Over twenty years…yup…I shocked myself when saying that. I loved the freedom and confidence impro gave you. I also adored the fact it is founded on working and connecting with other performer. I was told that impro was about ‘making the other person look good’…I loved that and still do.

8/ Where is the show? And when?

We have three more shows at The Butterfly Club (Carson Place in Melbourne’s CBD):

Tonight (Thurs Aug 16th) at 7pm, Friday (Aug 17th) at 5:30pm and Saturday (Aug 18th) at 7pm.

9/ How can people get tickets to ‘Innes Versus Lloyd’?

Buy your tickets at the door or here:

Thanks again, as always, Rob! And thanks for reading – please do catch his show if you’re able! And of course, May the Journey Never End!



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