Accommodation Review – Ibis Hotels in Brazil

The Ibis is a bit of an institution in a way I guess for me. I first stayed in one in 2006 at Charles de Gaulle Airport. I’m going back there in June. They are reasonably reliable, if simple, comfortable places to stay. Not expensive generally depending on where you are, but also quite plastic in some ways and very ‘samey’.

In Brazil I ONLY stayed in the Ibis – in Foz du Iguazu (for the falls) and in Rio De Janeiro (to be exact, Copacabana). These were similar in many ways. I have to say in both cases the staff were friendly and helpful. Which is important when you’re travelling by yourself.

I was actually thinking that Ibis Hotels are a lot like McDonalds. Except probably not as bad I guess. In as much as you know what you’re going to get. Sure, it may be a soggy burger full of sugar and salt, but it’s somewhat uniform from hotel to hotel.

The Foz du Iguazu Ibis was on the main road into town. My biggest issue was the power adapter – suddenly I was in Brazil and I needed a power adapter and they didn’t have one, which usually I’ve found in the past is easy to get at an Ibis. But the check-in staff were friendly and the room was comfortable. The place had the feel that it had recently been built.

Ibis Foz Du Iguaca – from Accor Website.

The lobby wasn’t so clean, and the restaurant didn’t do anything other than an average buffet breakfast. But – it was good to have breakfast there anyways. The location near the main street is handy for the buses that go from the main street to the falls. It was pretty cheap – I think around $70 Australian so decent price for the comfort. Air conditioning is a reverse cycle unit that you have control of, has it’s pluses and its minus. A bit stuffy in the room initially, that’s an issue with most Ibis hotels.

Typical room on Ibis, Foz du Iguacu. From Accor Website.

Andrew’s Ratings:

Value for Money: 3.5/5

Cleanliness: 2.5/5

Noise: 3.5/5

Location: 3.5/5

Service/Friendliness: 2.5/5

TOTAL: 15.5/25 (62/100)

Exterior of Ibis Posto 5, Copacabana. From the Accor website.

As for Copacabana Posto 5 (Rio) I have to commend them on excellent service and friendliness, warmth from the receptionist to the dining room staff. Very helpful too, the place was very clean and a great place to lay back after navigating my way round a city the size and intensity of Rio de Janeiro.

Room was very similar to the one in Foz, maybe slightly bigger (?) but the same layout. Good shower, cleaned daily, good wifi in Rio, better than in Foz. The restaurant was open for dinner and the breakfast was very nice. On the first night there was a very good buffet for less than 15 dollars. Really enjoyed my stay in this one! Oh and two minutes’ walk from Copacabana beach, closer to a metro station as well, location was great!

Andrew’s Ratings:

Value for Money: 3.5/5

Cleanliness: 4/5

Noise: 3.5/5

Location: 4/5

Service/Friendliness: 4/5

TOTAL: 19/25 (76/100)


Thanks for reading – May the Journey Never End!

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