The Wednesday Review – Park Royal Hotel, Melbourne Airport

My wife said to me that every time we fork out for an expensive hotel, we never get to stay long there. Well, never was this more true as the prologue to our most recent trip when we stayed at the Park Royal Hotel at Melbourne Airport.

parkroyal 3

With a six AM flight the next morning, we were in a bit of a pickle because it’s expensive to park at the airport and we really couldn’t call on someone to drive us out there at that time. Still, our room was heavily discounted at $211 and that did add a lot onto the trip budget, obviously. We had a wedding into the evening on Saturday before we left, so I concocted the plan to go from the wedding at around 1030pm to the airport hotel. We could wake at 4.15am, have a quick shower, cross the road and be there.

parkroyal 1

And that’s exactly what happened. And it went smoothly. I only had 3 hours of sleep, I sleep terribly when I know I have to get up early so that was always going to happen.

It’s hard to review a place on such a short time, however I can say that it was the best place we stayed at on the trip comfortably. The room was very comfortable, the bed was big, the room was a good size. It’s the sort of place that it’s nice to be in your room!

parkroyal 2

Reception was pleasant and friendly, and not a long process either. It’s a perfect, if a costly, place to stay if you need to stay at Melbourne Airport. It’s as good as a four star hotel gets I guess. Bathroom sparkling clean, with bath and shower, separate from each other which is a rarity.


Value For Money – 2.5/5

Noise – 4.5/5

Cleanliness – 5/5

Friendliness – 4/5

Location – 5/5


TOTAL: 21/25 (84/100)

Thanks for reading! May the Journey Never End!


  1. Argghhhhh I hate having to wake up early for a flight, and I’m totally paranoid about it too – I also never sleep well the night before an early flight.

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