An Oasis in Melbourne

Let me tell you about one of the best places to eat in Melbourne. Oasis Cafe is admittedly in the suburbs – very close to my house actually I can walk there! But if you’re looking for Middle Eastern food, or indeed Middle Eastern ingredients in Melbourne, this is THE place to go!

oasis 6

Not only does it serve up hot food – pockets, salads, middle eastern pizzas and much much more including shawarmas which are to die for (they’re kinda like kebabs/souvlakis, however they have red cabbage inside which is awesome) but there’s a whole Middle Eastern supermarket. It’s justifiably extremely popular, and hard to get a table on the weekend at lunch times. It’s pretty much my favourite eatery in Melbourne.

oasis 1

On Sunday they had a festival there and the place was busier than ever with free food sampling, stalls, giveaways, a couple of camels and belly dancing. It was pretty cool and only 2 minutes from my house. Most times when we travel, we get stuck in CBDs sadly and forget that sometimes in the suburbs of big cities are some gems that aren’t in guidebooks or on people’s lists of things to see and visit. Oasis Bakery Cafe is just such a place.

A camel on the nature strip outside Oasis for the festival.
A camel on the nature strip outside Oasis for the festival.

oasis 5 oasis 3

Belly Dancing at the Middle Eastern food festival!
Belly Dancing at the Middle Eastern food festival!

Sadly, it’s not so easy to get there without a car, located at 9/993 North Road Murrumbeena. There is a couple of buses along North Road, and it’s a 20-25 minute walk from either Murrumbeena or Hughesdale train stations (around 20 minutes by train from Melbourne). It’s got a great vibe, very friendly and not so far from Chadstone Shopping Centre, the largest mall in Melbourne. So, if you’re down Melbourne way and fancy a trip to the ‘burbs, then I heartily recommend Oasis.

Are there suburban places in YOUR city travellers might love but probably will never get to?

Their website –

Oasis Bakery Cafe

7 thoughts on “An Oasis in Melbourne

  1. Such amazing culture right there. You are still one of my favorite blogs and I’m sad I am not able to keep up with every post. I’ve got one foot in the working world and one foot in the travel lifestyle. Trying to find balance. Keep up the awesome blogging.
    Jessica, Turquoise Compass

  2. Camels five minutes from your house? Now that’s sure more interesting than my current piece of boring suburban American middle class mostly white life. I suppose that’s the point. Not working for a year makes me realize how much most Americans miss being stuck in their daily commutes and returning to their middle class towns to coach soccer. Not for me

    Thanks so much for the follow; I love your blog and hope to get a chance to read much more

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