Great Travel Songs!

Howdy all!

Work has started to kick in, very busy workwise this week so will do my best to keep a-blogging but it won’t be so easy. Today’s blog is about travelling songs. I have a dedicated ‘genre’ on my ipod for travel, and I wanted to share with you my top five from that list (although they are probably mostly changing).

The idea for this post stemmed from a message I received from Mike Mentz who is a singer/song-writer, asking if I would listen to a song he recently recorded. So thanks Mike for the inspiration! I’ll share his song too, but first, here are my top five –

5. I still call Australia home. (Peter Allen)

Ok – this one is specific to us Aussies, but when I listen to it abroad it’s one of the rare times I feel a little homesick. Which I don’t often feel it must be said.

4. One Night in Bangkok (Murray Head)

It’s sooooo cliched I know, but you actually hear it everywhere in Bangkok (well, you did a decade ago when I was there) and the song is now obviously synonymous with that amazing city. I think in some ways it captures the place really well too.

3. Dreadlock Holiday (10CC)

Yes. it’s a kinda reggae number by a bunch of white people, and it helps if you know what cricket is, but I LOVE this song. Having never been to Jamaica, if and when I finally do get there, I may find the place isn’t quite as this song describes, but for me it conjures up a wonderfully-cliched image of this Caribbean Island.

2. Roam (The B-52s)

It’s pretty clear, right?

1. Homeward Bound (Simon & Garfunkel)

Again, maybe this is the OTHER song to invoke a little home sickness in me. I do like to listen to it at the end of a long trip knowing I’ll be home soon. It’s really very beautiful.

And there you have it. Yes, I am OLD I am aware. Nothing this century in the list, I apologise to all you youngsters! Anyways, thanks for reading today. What are YOUR favourite travel songs??? Please comment below! And thanks to Mike Mentz for the inspiration. Here is his song, ‘Cigarette’. Tomorrow, Train Journeys are back heading to and across… Pakistan!

14 thoughts on “Great Travel Songs!

  1. Lol, I was just about to mention that these videos look old….oops…sorry! Haha….I don’t really have such travel songs. Rather, I listen to songs to suit my mood when I travel. So, when I’m irritated or frustrated over flight delays and whatnots, I listen to really fast and loud ones so that I drown out everyone else and if I’m just walking by the river in the evening, I listen to soothing songs….^_^

  2. So many songs…wow, you remind me of a great tips i can find here! Should make a note of these and try using when we will be in USA

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