Coming Home

Hey everyone. A quick post today to say hi! Here I am, home in Melbourne, Australia, and I thought I’d do a quick post about THAT.

Sunny sunny Melbourne - my town, I'm back!

Sunny sunny Melbourne – my town, I’m back!

Well, Japan to Melbourne can be not too bad if you have a direct flight, but I took Air Asia. As far as budget airlines go, there’s a reason they win Skytrak’s ‘Best Budget Airline’ award most years – I’ve never had a late flight with them yet, their staff are always friendly and approachable, and well, their prices are hard to beat. They also have, as far as I can see, the largest number of connections to Australia of any Asian budget airline.

The flights were around 7 hours each, with just over seven hours in KLIA2 between them as I laid over in Kuala Lumpur. For the price – around 300 bucks including extra baggage and a couple of meals, you can’t beat it. They fly out of Haneda too which helps because the tax from Narita airport is really big. Air Asia usually include the tax in the quoted flight before the final booking page too, Jetstar spring it on you quite late.

And then… I’m here in Australia. Just after midnight, through immigration, and it’s all a little weird. Three years or a little more since I was permanently living in Australia. Suddenly there’s English TV (as opposed to no or Japanese TV), slower internet, familiar items in the supermarket… I have a list of things to do – applying for jobs obviously, erecting office chairs, organising a phone – my FIRST EVER smartphone can you believe. Internet service. It’s been a whirlwind four days!

A football game in Melbourne

A football game in Melbourne

The question – have things changed since I’ve been away? I don’t know. Usually I get home and think EVERYTHING has changed for a few weeks, and then suddenly realise nothing has. It promises to be a challenged few months that’s for sure, settling back in home always has for me. The weather has been good – clear skies. I’ve enjoyed ‘Aussie food’, a nice pizza and tasting my favourite orange juice again. There’s no place like home? Maybe there isn’t. I still have all my friends to contact let alone see, a football game or three to attend, a heater to find wheels for (probably had to be there for that one) and so much more.

What have YOUR moving home experiences been like after a long time over seas travelling and whatnot? Please do post in the comments! Tomorrow – Kamillah Harris joins the World Journeys Podcast to talk Japan, Jamaica and to be the first to take the Capital City Challenge! Until then, may the journey never end!



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