Vloggers Escape Ukraine and War

Hi all. So as things rage in Ukraine, vloggers Johnny FD and someone I’ve followed closely for a few years now in Bald and Bankrupt. With war looking likely they decided to head (back) to the Ukraine. Before they knew it, well we know what happened. I wonder if it was an reasonable call to make. Because whilst over a million people have now left Ukraine as refugees, neither Johnny nor Bald NEEDED to be in the Ukraine, and neither WERE in Ukraine as the Russians built up their forces along the northern border.

I feel bad to judge these guys, but I put myself in their position and I couldn’t justify going into the Ukraine considering the situation. People are dying and people are leaving (an the Ukrainian people are fighting incredibly) the country. It seems, well, disrespectful. And also, these videos no doubt have raked in a lot of money. LOL now I feel guilty about sharing them!

Thanks for popping by.