Lockdown Number 5!

Folks, here in Australia well, we have 12 million of us in lockdown again. It’s getting a bit old to be honest. Things are going from bad to worse in New South Wales, they are getting around 100 cases a day – I know that’s nothing compared to some places on Earth but it’s big numbers for any part of Australia. Three removalists came through Victoria on a permit and didn’t really obey the rules. For example, they didn’t wear facemasks. And as a result we have now had an outbreak in Victoria. Our lockdown was to end on Tuesday, but it was extended for them to get on top of everything. Not the same numbers as New South Wales, but still a big concern as it spread at a couple of sporting events. So we in Victoria and Melbourne are now in our FIFTH lockdown. Somehow, this is where someone’s mind went…

We pray and hope for an end to these lockdowns. Australia is around 11% fully vaccinated at the moment. We are waiting on a big increase in Pfizer jabs coming our way over the next few months and also Moderna in addition to them. IF we can get to 75% vaccinated, well, perhaps they will stop this because it is really getting hard.

Thanks and May the Journey Never End.


5 thoughts on “Lockdown Number 5!

  1. I’m sorry to read this, but at least it protects the inhabitants rather than forcing them to take risks in a so-called return to normal life, for economic reasons.

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