Hobart – Through My Lens Part One

Hey all! Yes, it’s time for a photographic review of Hobart from my recent trip. Today I give you my photos from the very first day, Well technically the second. Okay – it’s the first FULL day. Okay what a rubbish start!

Anyhoo – Come and see what I did as I walk along Hobart’s Rivulet – is it a creek or a river? Well, it’s a creek. But they gave it a fancy name. I swoop past the Cascade Brewery and visit the Cascades Female Factory – a prison where they sent women back in the 1800s. Then back to the main part of Hobart and the harbour there for some more amazing views, with a stop at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery to round out the day. Enjoy – and there are plenty more where these come from.

Cascade Brewery
Great old house in Hobart

Thanks for popping by today! Take care and May the Journey Never End!


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