Loving the ‘Barty Party’!

Hi all. So, I don’t really follow tennis closely at all, not for years, but I wanted to do a quick post because Australian (and indigenous) Ash Barty has just won the biggest Grand Slam tournament of the year in Wimbledon. And I wanted to mention her because she is just fantastic. She is a humble, quiet person who goes about her business without screaming ‘look at me!’ or indeed screaming at all. Australians across the world have gotten a bad name over the last couple of decades for being brash and loud. Just compare her to some of our cricketers or indeed to Nick Kyrios, a tennis player from Australia with no end of talent but seems to always exit a tournament in infamy. And also, he rarely progresses into the second week despite being as talented probably as any of the top male players there are.

Ash is testament to putting your head down, working hard and achieving your dreams. She is the perfect ambassador for Australia and someone I feel proud of as an Australian. In this Insta-celeb-happy age we live in, she is the perfect tonic. She always dreamed of winning Wimbledon, and she is a VERY worthy winner indeed. Who from your country makes you feel proud? Comment below! Thanks and May the Journey Never End!


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