Eurovision 2021 – Some of My Favourites

Hi all! Well, it’s been two years but a week and a half ago Eurovision returned and wow! I have to say, the previous few years had left me a bit… nonplussed, but I was really happy to see this year there was a real spirit to the contest, held in Rotterdam, with a great mix of songs, some amazing, some funny, and some a little bit odd. So here are some of my favourites for this year. Warning – Wednesdays may well bring a few more Eurovision posts over the next few weeks!

Greece – Stephania – ‘Last Dance’

So this one is a really cool groove and I really like the use of green screen LIVE ON STAGE to create the effects of the dancers.

Norway – TIX – ‘Fallen Angel’

This is a great song from a guy with a great story. ‘TIX’ was his nickname at school because he has Tourette’s Syndrome which mostly affects his eyes (hence he wears sunglasses) but he’s showed all the bullies with this great song ‘Fallen Angel’. He’s got lots of stuff on YouTube too about his experiences.

Azerbaijan – Efendi – Mata Hari

This song about a Dutch exotic dancer turned spy in the First World War is very cool with a great mix of pop and regional styles and a lot of pyro on stage. And Efendi and TIX… well if you search the net you may find out they had a bit of a romance going on!

Iceland – Daði og Gagnamagnið – 10 Years

This is my absolute favourite I have been listening to it on loop since the Grand Final. This performance is actually the second rehearsal because one of the members got Covid and they couldn’t perform. Luckily they were allowed to use the footage from the rehearsal. Nevertheless it is AWESOME! It’s like…. geek pop? I don’t know what exactly it is, but it’s full of funny dance moves and actually the song is quite touching. If you watch til the end, they use the last 15 seconds of their allotted 3 minutes to stand waiting for a burst of pyrotechnics which is way cool. And I want one of their windcheaters/shirts.

I’m still digesting the contest and others will no doubt tickle my fancy. I liked Germany’s song which was directed at online trolls and Russia’s too was great, sung by a pro-LBGTQIA woman urging Russian women to stand up and not to fulfil the role that she sees as being designated to them because of their gender. That was not something I expected from a Russian entry. Oh, and the winner? Italy with this song below which I’m not really sure about (to me it lacks that catchiness which is common for a Eurovision Song, but I think it’s a good song). It stood out though which is a major factor in winning most years. Oh, and the UK…. that’s going to be a post of its own I would say!

Thanks for popping by today! May the Journey Never End!


9 thoughts on “Eurovision 2021 – Some of My Favourites

  1. Eurovision is a lot of fun 🙂 I did watch the show with my husband on our little motorhome TV since we were touring Cornwall at the time. Such a shame the UK entry did not do well at all 😦

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