Bucharest – Through My Lens

Of all the capital cities I have visited in Europe, Bucharest stands out as the one with the most macabre feel to it. A lot of the buildings share a certain communist, or ‘Soviet’, style, and also throughout the city there is something of a gothic feel to a number of buildings. Not to mention some are downright creepy. On top of that there is the, according to the tour I took, the largest building in the world the Palace of the People, planned and begun in the Ceausescu era, and probably still not complete today. Then there is an attempt to replicate the Arc de Triumph. And like Yaounde, an open air museum full of traditional buildings. It was 2004 when I visited the Romanian capital, and I still remember it as one of Europe’s eeriest capitals. The only one which might beat it would be Bosnia’s Sarajevo. Enjoy!

Old cars on a Bucharest Avenue
Hotel Dunarea adds a little Art Deco to the Soviet Stylings
Building in need of a little TLC

Thanks for popping by – May the Journey Never End!


8 thoughts on “Bucharest – Through My Lens

  1. I haven’t visited Sarajevo, nor the Palace of People, but after almost 50 years of dictatorship and soviet influence, it can’t be otherwise than eerie LOL But I believe there might be some changes by now, for example I’ve heard from my daughter she would like to visit a fancy bookstore Cărturești Carusel one day😍

  2. I admire the resilience of the Romanian people through the years of dictatorship and still today in the face of corruption and attempts to confiscate democracy. The tattered architecture is the unfortunate consequence.

  3. I agree right with you, Andy! When I visited Bucharest two years ago, I found it to be such a stark contrast to the other Romanian cities (from Transylvania) I’d gone to, which had been more colorful and better-maintained in infrastructure. Bucharest definitely has a more run-down feel to it, and visiting during an overcast two days certainly made the atmosphere even more drab. But learning about its despotic history was a real eye-opener, and I got to appreciate exploring the Romanian capital.

  4. BBQboy

    Hey, what are you saying about Sarajevo?! 🙂 I’ve been a few times and quite like the city.
    Have only passed through Bucharest on my way to a 5:30 am train headed to Budapest. First class carriage (because I expected the worst) and yet the toilets were floating to the rim in shit and piss. Most disgusting toilet I’ve ever seen and I’m afraid it’s pretty much consistent with a lot of what we saw in Romania (we spent a month in Brasov back in 2015. Interesting but the place needs some planning…)

    1. I liked Sarajevo, but at the same time there was an uneasiness about it. it was 2004 though. People were saying – directly to me – the second the UN left the war would be back on. Thankfully it’s 2021 and that hasnt happened.

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