Sydney to Paris with Bike Hedonia!

Hi all! Another Saturday means another look around the web to find you some more interesting and hopefully inspiring travel content. Today I want to share a channel I recently discovered called ‘BikeHedonia’, following an intended trip that started maybe three years ago from Sydney to Paris, by bike. I have the opening episode for you and a couple more. I thought the introduction would be a good idea and paramount to understanding what Grace’s adventure is all about.

Here latest video finds her in Thailand, which she was concerned she couldn’t get into with her bike but obviously she did. And that was 2020 so she’s been in Thailand through lockdown. Hopefully she’s able to complete her adventure. I discovered because one late when I should have been asleep I suddenly started googling Darwin to Timor L’Este by boat. Which is the second video today showing how Grace got her bike from Australia to Dili. I was wondering if it’s possible to get there without flying, but in fact it seems that it isn’t at the moment, that although the bike goes by boat Grace had to fly. It’s an interesting video though.

Thanks for popping by today – May the Journey Never End!


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