Ho Chi Minh City – Through My Lens!

Folks, let’s travel along to Vietnam today, and have a look at the former Saigon, as it’s known today – Ho Chi Minh City. Always been curious if the locals don’t like the name as the south held out the longest back in the war of the 1960s and 70s, but I didn’t hear anyone complaining when I was there so I suppose they came to terms with it pretty quickly. It’s such a vibrant city, and also quite chaotic. That’s a sort of ‘organised chaos’ I guess, as it all seems to work some how as you duck across streets filled with bicycles and motorbikes. Yes, it’s a real city for the two-wheelers, and you’ll see far more of them than any four-wheel deals!

I liked the place. Which is funny because Bangkok and Phnom Penh left me a little… disappointed shall we say? HCMC as it is often written though is fun and exciting, buzzing and moving, and is great fun too. Tao Dan Park is a must-visit place in the city, as a foreigner the locals will come to you to practice their English, and you’ll get to ask them a bit about their lives and their city, which you can’t always do. Anyways, here we go – take a look at Ho Chi Minh City – Through my Lens!

Zooming past a small temple
Wide HCMC road
Temple opposite a temple
Streets of Ho Chi Minh City
Strawberries in the madness
Photo bombed by a street vendor in front of a pagoda!
More bikes
Leafy streets and hat
Inside a temple
Blurred Hacky sack in Tao Dan park
Billboard in HCMC
I took this one mainly for the hats!
Bikes and more bikes
Bike in position for photo, someone must have known I was coming!
Ho Chi Minh looks after the Post Office
Decorations inside a temple
And the bikes continue!
Crazy Buffalo Bar and Restaurant just down the road from my guesthouse
Colourful decorations for sale
A more ‘modern’ side to Ho Chi Minh City
A mass of wires in Ho Chi Minh City
Chilling, Saigon-style!

Thanks for popping by! Have you visited the vibrant southern city of Vietnam? What were your impressions? Please comment below – and May the Journey Never End!


8 thoughts on “Ho Chi Minh City – Through My Lens!

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  2. BBQboy

    Oh boy, those motorcycles.
    After a while, all those SEA cities kind of look the same don’t they? Reminds me of most Thai cities…save for the conical hats and communist posters (which I also saw in Laos).
    Anyway, interesting pics!

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