Festival at Miesbach, A VERY Bavarian Town

Grüss Gott meine Fraunde – “Grüss Gott” is the regular greeting in the German province of Bavaria, which is where I am taking a trip down memory lane to the last time I was in this part of the world – which happens to be 2011. I have been a few places over Germany, but I must confess I haven’t posted much on my experiences in Germany primarily because I didn’t cover them as well as I might have in my journal, and also because in the past when I have visited Germany I have often spent time with family, doing less touristy things.

My aunt has taken me to a number of different towns around Bavaria and at times I didn’t even get the name down in my journal, or take many photos which would be useful. But – today’s post features a rather typical Bavarian town called Miesbach. It was here we visited a festival back in 2011. There was a lot of food sizzling on BBQs and music and beer – as one might expect. And then there was the karate display which seemed and strange fit. And a big tent set up where people were getting their hair cut. And I needed one at the time, so I got one there. It wasn’t until I reviewed my photos that I remembered the place. Ever so slightly. My goodness, my hair was so BROWN. Sigh. I miss that hair.

My diary entry says that the band there was actually playing country music – Johnny Cash and ‘North to Alaska’ (neither a Cash or country song), so that is an interesting choice. No accordions? Maybe not so typically Bavarian after all! Oh and my diary tells me the cut was a bargain at 10 Euros! So I did well there! I feasted on steak in a roll, which sounds pretty darned good actually!

So anyways, please take a look through my photos of this little Bavarian town of less than 12,000 people. 🙂

Tower in Miesbach

Miesbach Central Square

Karate in Miesbach – because… why not?
Haircut at Miesbach
BBQ time!
Bavarian pole in Miesbach
Bavarian Building in Miesbach
Another Building in Miesbach

Thanks for stopping by today, May the Journey Never End!

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