For Australia Day – Some posts about Australia

Hi all.

Well, as I write this it is Australia Day here (January 26th), a controversial day these days. It’s our ‘national’ day, and the date was chosen as it’s the day that white man arrived on the east coast of Australia. That’s where the controversy lies really, it marks the day everything changed for the indigenous peoples of this country. Over 360 languages native to Australia then, now something like 64. And today a fierce “debate” rages about changing the date for this reason. Personally I think the date should be changed. It’s not actually the date that Europeans touched down on Australian soil – the Dutch landed on the west coast of Australia a long time before the British on the east. But I don’t really like to use this blog to announce my political views, so I won’t say anymore on the subject.


Anyways, this post is getting posted on the day AFTER Australia Day – a public holiday this year as Australia Day falls on a Sunday. And I was thinking about what I could post. I’ve decided to go with a few of my posts about Australia. So here we are –

  1. Know Before you Go Australia

A little post I did for those considering a trip to Australia for the first time. A bunch of tips really.

2. New Zealand or Australia – Which One for What?

Comparing the neighbours and what they offer to the visitor. Not so much a ‘versus’ style post but one that looks at what each country does best.

3. Customer Service – Australia Versus the World

It’s fair to say Australia’s isn’t the absolute best when it comes to customer service. How does it compare to different countries though? Which do it better or worse? And how IS customer service in Australia?

4. Australia’s Capital Cities

The biggest cities across this wide land are generally the state and territory capitals. So here’s a little look at them!

5. Australia’s Climate Zones

Before you come here, it helps to know what the weather might be likely to do depending on where you are.

6. Tips for an Australian Road Trip!

Australia is a country with a lot of roads. You might like to explore them. Here are some tips! 🙂

7. Travel Itineraries – Australia Part One

8. Travel Itineraries – Australia Part Two

Do a search and you’ll find a awful lot of posts over the years on my home country. Thanks for stopping by today – May the Journey Never End!



6 thoughts on “For Australia Day – Some posts about Australia

  1. Happy Australia Day!
    I do hope the fire goes out soon.
    There was a time a comic, Trevor Noah compared the Zealand with Australian accent. Seems quite close but I’m off to read about things there.
    Thanks for linking.

  2. Happy Australia day Andy! Would love to visit this country! Hope all the bushfires have stopped, good luck with all the recovery! Greetings from Portugal, PedroL

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