Travel Memories – Cambodia (Part Two)

Folks, the sequel to last week’s Travel Memories Cambodia Part One is here! I carefully and thoughtfully named it ‘Travel Memories – Part Two’ because you know, I’m very creative 🙂

Sooo last week I had recounted the journey from Bangkok through Poipet and Battambang to Siem Repp and the Temples of Angkor. This week I focus on the rest of my time in Cambodia, back in the year 2000 before I had a digital camera. In fact, I’m not sure anyone did back then. Let me research!

Okay! So in 1986 the first DSLRs went on the market. By the mid-2000s they were commonplace apparently! I got my first digital camera in 2003. I don’t recall seeing people with them in 2000, I remember people had them in 2002. So… oops side-tracked! Back to the story!

From Siem Repp we took a boat to the capital Phnom Penh. It is a great way to get between these two places. We sat/lay on the top of the boat, I got my feet burnt as I was wearing sandals (yes there was a sandal pattern on my feet).

The capital was well, it’s pleasant along the Mekong River and we went to the Imperial Palace which was worth a look. The Central Market was also interesting and even in Cambodia, there were Christmas decorations to be bought should you wish to. Otherwise, Phnom Penh didn’t really take my interest. We went out one night to a club and well, it was seedy to say the least and it was one recommended for visitors.

Close to Phnom Penh are the ‘Killing Fields’ and prison camp which we visited. Back in the Pol Pot days when the population was cut back and the educated were killed, it was a firm reminder of not so distant history.

Moving on down south I think in a share taxi we headed to Kampot, which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. The highlights of which were – an abandoned building in the Bokor National Park, swimming (and surviving) in the river, and having a meal with a local family.

From there we went to Sihanoukville. This is a beach-side spot, which backpackers at the time were just starting to discover. It was a couple of days of relaxing and taking in a very pretty and quiet beach which was well worth it.

But – even though it was the last stop, the fun didn’t stop there. It was back to Thailand via boat! Or even two boats! One was small, one was large, and I’m not sure which came first. But eventually we ended up at the border crossing and took a bus to Trat in Thailand and the end of the adventure and the travelling in the group!

A merry memory indeed! Thanks for reading, and May the Journey Never End!

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