Noosa Life

Some times you need a holiday. A vacation. And not an adventure, not one that involves going to places you’ve never been before, organising visas, staying in… unique accommodation. Sometimes you just need a break, and that’s what heading to Noosa was all about for me this year. I’d been back over six months since I went to India and Sri Lanka – and boy did it feel a lot longer than it technically was!

I spent a bit of time umming and ahhhing about where I would go – if I went somewhere at all. I had contemplated just staying home for a week and a bit. But that was probably never going to happen. I had three days at home the next week before returning to my main job, although I kept my shifts from my second job. In the end, I accidently agreed to a shift in the middle of those three days without realising it, which was actually quite a bummer! Ahh well, such is life.

How did I arrive at Noosa as a destination? Well, I wanted somewhere warm where I could swim. And that was about it. I would have happily headed to the Gold Coast, but I’d already been there so I thought I’d try the Sunshine Coast. Sunshine Coast is north of Brisbane, Gold Coast is south.

So on the 19th of last month we took Virgin Airlines to Maroochydore. It’s a small airport, and it’s a good 30 minutes or more from Noosa Heads. The weather couldn’t have been better – it was mid to high 20s the first two days up to thirty on the third. We had a prearranged car from the airport to Noosa Heads and the RACV Resort. This was quite expensive – and I must be honest, Noosa in general is expensive.

The buses (minivans) wanted Around $37 per person, our own car was $79 (AUD) and so for an extra five bucks we had our own transport. It’s lush and green up on the Sunshine Coast, we seemed to avoid any real towns until arriving in Noosa.

At the RACV resort in Noosa

A short selection of shops, with cafes and a cinema, this is where we had lunch and saw a movie. The RACV Resort, as I have already written about, was a little sanctuary with pools and almost everything needed for the stay.

Hastings street is the proper shopping and restaurant strip is and that’s just behind the main beach. Lots of swimmers, and people on canoes. The waves were somewhat rough I guess, not overly so but it wasn’t calm there either.

Further along there is a lovely boardwalk walk at the end of the beach that follows the ocean along, we walked around dusk and it was really nice. It ended up in the National Park, which was also very nice and it’s full of paths to explore. Back to Hastings street for a good meal.

And that was about all for Noosa. Three days of sun, relaxation, swimming, movies, good food. Yes, it was expensive. Not my normal sort of holiday. But a good one nonetheless. Thanks for reading, May the Journey Never End!


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