Accommodation Review – Ceyloni Inn, Kandy

Trying to find a decent place on the internet to stay in another country is a real hit and miss affair really. Some places look nice online, and then are a bit disappointment when you rock up (my stay in Ella is an example of that). On the other hand, you get a bit nervous about a place, not sure if you’ve made the right call, and then are pleasantly surprised.

From Ceyloni Inn

The Ceyloni Inn in Kandy is one such example for me, it was around $70AUD per night, which is probably a little more than I wanted to pay, but the room was certainly worth that I think. The tuk-tuk from the station rocked up at Ceyloni, which isn’t in the very centre of town, that is a good 10-15 minute walk to the bustling main road, and there was a somewhat new building that was pretty nondescript. And at that point I was worried I was in for a crumby stay.

The sign at the bottom of the stairwell directed me to the fourth floor. So, a bit of a climb in hot and humid conditions with all my bags. And so there’s something that could be improved on. The reception was open and pleasant enough, and I was offered a wet face washer and a glass of freshly squeezed juice. Which was very much welcome!

It was very white in the reception area, and clean. I was shown to my room, next to reception with a balcony of the street below. Quite a busy street, but generally it’s not street noises that annoy me. I’m not sure the small balcony was required, there was no real view of interest.

But the room was very spacious and clean. And the beds were comfortable, nice TV elevated above a useful desk. A cupboard, a safe and good air conditioning. A decent, clean bathroom, and complimentary water (which I think should pretty much be compulsory these days, and you do tend to get in most hotels and guesthouses).

There was some loud music in the early evening from across the road, but that stopped at a reasonable time (ie 10pm-11pm) and there was a supermarket a few shops down too for snacks. The walk into the centre of town was a bit of a bummer, and the reception seemed to be only sporadically manned (but the staff were all very friendly and helpful), but these were just minor quibbles as far as I was concerned for a really pleasant, comfortable room.

The bathroom was a decent size too and the shower was hot and had good water pressure. It was also very clean, yes it does seem to be a theme.

There was breakfast included in the price, and was a decent breakfast with a bunch of options down on the second floor in a large area. I was the only one at the time having breakfast and I think the place is rather new, I did see a couple of other patrons whilst I was staying at Ceyloni but not that many.

Finally, wifi. It basically didn’t work which I found an ongoing problem in Sri Lanka. Either not working or incredibly slow. So, the receptionist gave me access to the business wifi and suddenly I had good, fast internet. I think wherever you go, hotels and guesthouses these days should really invest in decent wifi because everyone pretty much who stays is going to want to use the wifi – and the bandwidth needs to be good enough to work when every guest at the hotel decides to go online at the same time.

All in all, I would definitely come back to this place. Despite a couple of issues, it’s a young hotel trying to please, and they may need more staff but the staff are definitely trying hard.


Andy’s Ratings:

Value for Money :    4/5

Service/Friendliness:   3.5/5

Cleanliness:    4/5

Noise:        3/5

Location:   3.5/5

Total:     18/25

Thanks for reading, May the Journey Never End!

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