Totally Wizard!

Hi all! Today I’ve done a bit of an interview with Friend-of-the-Blog Rob Lloyd and his partner Caitlin. Why? Well it’s heading into Winter soon, but they’ve got a brand new show on ‘Wizard Actors – A Brief History of Magic’ next week in Melbourne. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, or a theatre fan, or would like to check out an amazing venue (yes! There is a bar!) in Melbourne, I can highly recommend (based on talent alone as I haven’t seen it yet obviously) a night out to see their show at The Butterfly Club!

1/ Hi Rob and Caitlin. So, you’ve decided to do a new show that opens next week. What made you decide to do a show together?

Well, we always wanted to perform together.  We’ve had admiration for each other’s work for ages, so we were always looking for an excuse to work on projects together, whether it be Professor Who or The Mighty Little Puppet Show or now this, our first show as a duo!

2/ What is the show about?

C: Wizards and actors!

But seriously, we take the audience on a journey to the past, throughout magical history.  It’s telling the tales of the magical world through the Harry Potter lens. We go right back to when magic was first brimming in Ancient Egypt, and forward through time from there. We meet a number of magical special guests as well but shh… no spoilers!

3/ What can people expect from the show?

A brief history of magic is an immersive show.  The audience will enter as students at a magical school and get the opportunity to engage with various periods through time.  It’s how we always dreamed our magical incursions would be, with moments of Harry Potter trivia and the opportunity to win points for your house and maybe even prizes!

4/ How did the idea come about for the show and when did you begin its creation?

R: Well…originally, we were thinking of doing a recreation of a classic sci-fi film with a modern twist however we soon realised we will only ever do one first show…so we better make it about something we’re both extremely passionate about. There was only ever one option after that…Harry Potter. We’re always talking about Harry Potter in some way, shape or form, our house is adorned with Potter merch, we have our Hogwarts houses ties and uniforms, we even listen to the Stephen Fry narrated audios each night as we go to bed.

We spend a couple of months working on our ‘hook’ for a Harry Potter themed show. This was not an easy task because in the Potter fan universe it is very hard to find a unique angle, as there’s so much content online. Then while I was on tour last year I visited Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Orlando. There was a show there where a group of actors present interpretations of “Tales of Beedle The Bard”. This fascinated me, as the Performing Arts had finally been introduced into the Harry Potter universe. I instantly knew Caitlin and I could have a lot of fun making our own spin-off of that show…a tribute to those brilliant actors in Orlando but with our own unique version of the concept. Hence Caitlin and I are Wizard Actors.

5/ How has rehearsing together been? Have there been any unexpected difficulties in working together?

Working together is far too much fun, probably one of the biggest challenges is we just get a bit silly and become distracted.  But in general, it has been a great experience.  We make each other laugh and talk about Potter all day long anyway, so this is just an excuse to put that on paper.

6/ You’re performing at ‘The Butterfly Club’ in Melbourne. Can you tell us a bit about the venue, what sort of performances are put on there and why you keep coming back and performing there?

Oh…The Butterfly Club is the best! It’s by far the best cabaret/comedy/fringe theatre space in Melbourne…hands down. It’s such a friendly, warm, inviting, supportive and professionally run space. Xander, Simone and Tom run a tight ship. It’s incredibly kitschy…like INCREDIBLY kitschy… but it’s so easy to relax and chill there. Plus, the performance spaces are just the right size for more intimate, personal and silly shows.

7/ Rob – what do you have planned re: travel and performance for the rest of 2018?

R: Caitlin and I are off to the UK at the end of June. I’m touring my solo Doctor Who themed comedy show there for three weeks. We were bummed when Caitlin couldn’t join me for my Edinburgh leg of my northern hemisphere tour last year…so we’re making up for it now. We’ve got 8 confirmed gigs all around the UK. It’s going to be a wild trip.

8/ When and where can people see ‘Wizard Actors – A Brief History of Magic’ ?

The Butterfly Club is located at 5 Carson Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000

The show runs Tues 22nd – Sat 26th May (Except Sat night is already sold out!) at 6PM Tues & Fri, 7PM Wed & Thurs

9/ How can people find out more details about the show?

The Butterfly Club Website:

Or… Our Facebook event:

Once again, a huge thankyou to both Rob and Caitlin. So. GO SEE IT!


and… May the Journey Never End!

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