It’s Arrived – Pakistan Traveller!

Hi all. Yes, I finally have my copy of friend of the blog Tim Blight’s Pakistan Traveller. ‘Dare to take the road less travelled’ is the catch phrase, and quite an apt one at that!

Tim’s book is really the only travel guide out there that’s current for Pakistan. When I travelled to Pakistan back in 2004 I used the ‘Istanbul to Kathmandu’ Lonely Planet guide, which was a year or two out of date at the time. If I do a Google search for Lonely Planet Pakistan all I get is a book published in 1998! So it’s twenty years since the last Lonely Planet Pakistan was released!

So Tim’s book is pretty special – it was revised and republished last year, so it’s as up to date as you can get. And I was surprised – it is so detailed, there is information about so much of the country. From Karachi in the south to the incredible Karakoram Mountains in the north and the border with China.

Cover to the 1998 LP Pakistan

Tim has travelled to many countries, but there is no doubt about his passion, where he lives up to half the year, Pakistan.

I bought the colour paperback version of the book, it was $38 AUD. There is a cheaper black and white version and online versions as well. It’s set out like a guide book should be set out, with hotel reviews, maps (that he made himself!) photos, approximate costs, and it’s something that he did all himself.

My book, in a Chinese restaurant in Rawalpindi, in case you wanted know!

Not forgetting of course, I wrote about my Pakistan travelling experiences in my ebook Dhaka to Dakar. That was released five or six years ago now. So it’s pretty out of date in 2018, which is why I don’t promote it or talk about it these days.

You can find Pakistan Traveller (Tim’s book) at Amazon HERE. But it’s probably better to go through Tim’s own website – Pakistan Traveller. If you are going or thinking of going to Pakistan, well, this is THE book you need. And if you would like to support a young travel writer, well why not buy it and perhaps you’ll be inspired to go to a country not many visit these days. Through Tim’s website and the book he answers questions on safety in Pakistan which may be at the forefront of your mind when you think of Pakistan in 2018. You can also connect via the Pakistan Traveller Facebook page.

Thanks for popping by today. Take care. Dare to take the road less travelled, and I mustn’t forget – May the Journey Never End!

7 thoughts on “It’s Arrived – Pakistan Traveller!

  1. Tim is probably the best travel writer I know and he is like a local in Pakistan. I was following him when he was writing this book and he put so much love and care into it to make sure it gives people even more value than the Lonely Planet series. If you ever go to Pakistan, that’s the book to take along!

    Ps. I’m so jealous you’ve got the real paper edition 😀

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